Spring Menu Selections

Spring Menu Selections

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Delicious Organic meals in a bag ready to prepare and enjoy. 
Select how many meals you'd like each week/fortnight and when you'd like delivery.  
Super fresh produce and simple to follow recipes to create. 
Your order is delivered right to your home or office on your preferred day.
It's convenient and time saving plus every meal will be a success!
The ingredients provided are exactly what you need to create meals.
Many meals freeze well.

We've done all the work of creating seasonal, balanced and nutritional recipes that taste great and can easily be prepared.

We hope to inspire you to eat plant based whole food recipes every day. 

Once you have items in your cart you can make a note to us of your favourite meals or let us choose, we're updating our recipes all the time for seasonal, balanced and interesting meals.

Menu for September 18 - 24


Order up and enjoy!      Organic Fare - It's ALL good!